Mode of Choice

For my trans-media story on Linvilla Orchards we were asked to create our own mode of choice. I decided to create a flyer or post card. The picture with the red title is the front while the picture with the yellow and blue is the back. The back has the link to my full trans-media story on Linvilla Orchards. Check out the finished story!

Linvilla flyer - front Linvilla flyer - back

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Interview Reflection

The interview was super different than I expect it would be. I expected it to be formal because I had never conducted an interview before. However, it was just like having a conversation. The only difference was the conversation was recorded.

I learned a lot about Linvilla Orchards, the family that owns it, and their history. I also learned about the interviewee, Norman Schultz. He is the farm manager at Linvilla Orchards and was my subject for the interview. We started the interview different than I had planned, but it worked out because as I stated I learned about the Linvill family and not just Norman’s oral history.

After the interview, I hope to break the two stories up to create two audio pieces for my overall story. One piece as Norman Schultz’s oral history and the other a “Linvilla History” piece.

Overall the interview was successful. We completed it outside so it had a lovely soundtrack in the background of the birds. This was a plus. However, I probably should have been more organized in my questions and what information I wanted to know.

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Alphabetic Text Story: Linvilla Orchards

Linvilla Orchards has always been a family place. In 1914, the land was purchased by Author Linvill and his mother Lydia. When the time came it was passed down to Paul Linvill, Author Linvill’s son. In 1987, Paul Linvill passed it to his four children, who still own Linvilla today.

When Author Linvill bought the land he planted fruit trees, and by the 2000s, customers came from all over Delaware Valley to buy their products and learn about the orchard. This is part of Linvilla Orchard’s beauty; the bonds run deep and the love and kindness is astonishing. Linvilla thrived because of the owners, workers, and customers.

There had been an Octagonal barn on the property when Mr. Linvill bought the land. It was built in 1889, and the Linvill’s used it as their farmers market. It was the heart of the business. However, in 2002 the Octagonal barn burnt down. It was 113 years old. “It was 80 feet tall, and approximately 80 feet across,” Steve Linvill, one of the owners, said of the barn when it burned. This event was a true test to the love of the family and employees. Regardless of this tragic event, Linvilla Orchards celebrated its 100 year last year in 2015. The burning of the barn did not stop the business, but helped it rebuild and become greater.

Now it has a garden center and a new farmers market. From September to early November, Linvilla has pumpkins and apples galore, and from June to August, Linvilla Orchards is full of fruit ranging from strawberries to peaches. They do all sorts of hayrides and mazes throughout the year, and in December you can cut your own Christmas tree.

To me, Linvilla Orchards is an amazing place. Even on its off season when there is no fruit to pick, the place is still beautiful inside and out. I can imagine some people will disagree with that statement because when it is muddy and cold Linvilla might not seem pretty on the outside, but in those situation it is still wonderful. There are always bright colored flowers and plants in the garden room. The neat thing about the garden room, when it is bright and sunny the workers open the roof. It makes a squeaky noise then opens, causing a nice breeze and sunlight to the plants and customers. There are wonderful smelling candles, toys and other interesting things to buy in the garden center as well.

The farmers market is full of canned foods, fruits, and vegetables, and of course it has a bakery. The cookies, loaves of bread, and most of the pies are baked fresh every morning. There is even a place to feed the farm animals and a large playground for children. There is a special picnic area for birthday parties and a board with holes pained with farm animals where a child can stick their head for pictures. The employees are always nice and willing to assist with whatever the customers need. Over 100 years later, and you can still feel the love that started Linvilla Orchards when you visit.

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Interview Preparation

I had never given an interview before so I wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to do to prepare. I knew I needed a subject, but I had no idea what to ask my interviewee. At first, I had trouble finding someone to interview. I was supposed to video the interview, but people were not comfortable in front of a camera. So I decided to voice record the interview instead.

Once that was figured out finding a subject became a bit easier. I also had the assistance of a very helpful women who works at Linvilla Orchards, Jessica. She helped me find my subject to interview. I told Jessica that I needed to sit down with an employee at Linvilla and ask them to explain to me how they saw themselves. I had determined my only interview question would be “who is ____?” (insert interviewees name). In my class, we had done research on Oral History, and in the sample interviews we watched this was really the only planned question asked. I liked the idea of just letting my subject tell me whatever he/she felt comfortable sharing.

I tried to think of other questions, but I thought as the interview went on I might think of questions to ask.  I had not meet my subject before the interview so I decided to wing it; however,  Jessica had told me, “I asked the farmer if you could interview him.” She had also told me his name was Norm. So I knew my subject was male and a farmer that worked at Linvilla Orchards.

I called Jessica the day before to make sure it was still okay for me to come out and interview Norm. Once she said yes, I made sure I had my field notebook and my charger for my phone, and that is about all the prep work I did.

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Website Sketches

Sketch up close

The Gallery page will have a few pictures and titles underneath stating the category of each folder. Under each title will have the number of pictures in each folder. When you clink of each picture it will take you into the gallery.

sketch design

The front page will have my name and the title of the page on the left hand side while the tabs on the right side will link to my photo gallery, about me page, blog, and contact information. There will be a scroll of a few pictures under the header. The photo will slowly fade into each other.

Emotions and Features

I want people to think my website is friendly and easy to navigate. I hope to make it clear the way I feel about my photography, the pride I put into my work.


My favorite color is blue so I know I want to use it for my website. These are the colors I am thinking about for my website, orange, blue, green, and grey. According to Jerry Coa each color promotes different feelings. He states that “oranges promotes friendliness, energy, and uniqueness, while blue promotes calm, safety, openness (lighter shades), and reliability (darker shades).” I want people to think my website is friendly and calming.

Sketches of what I want my website to look like. The sketches are a bit hard to follow, but it is a start.

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Post 2: Scenes

The atrium has a decent amount of people for 9 AM, and it smells like brunt bagels. It is a big hot in the atrium, and all the lights are on like always. There are about 19 people; some studying, some talking with friends. Others standing in line waiting to order, and a few waiting to receive their orders. The atrium is mostly quiet, but one man who is wearing a Yarmulke. He is talking loudly to a student. The man could be a professor. He is dressed in black dress clothes and has a briefcase.

Most of the colorful, comfy chairs are empty. There are three girls sitting together. One of the girls is talking to the other two. She has her laptop in her lap. She appears to be upset or annoyed by the expression on her face.  She has dirty blonde hair, but it is clear by her dark brown roots that her hair is dyed. Her hair looks unclean like she did not shower that morning. It is in a sloppy ponytail, and strains are falling out. The girl is wearing black leggings, Vans, and a white shirt. She also has on a green coat. The other two girls sitting with her have green coats on too. The girl talking starts texting and ignores her friends while her phone is in her hands. The other two girls look around while talking.

The second girl gets up to throw something away. She also has a dirty blond ponytail. She is wearing workout clothes and green and blue sneakers. Her scarf tan scarf does not match the rest of her gym look. She takes a drink and continues to hold her cup. The liquid in the cup is clear. She is also texting.

The third girl has dirty blonde hair too, but it is much long than the other two. It is down and scrunched. It looks messy and disheveled.  Her dark brown roots are showing as well.

There is a brunette sitting to my right at one of the tables. She is glued to her phone, and sitting alone. She is sitting with one leg in the chair while she bounces the other. Her facial expression is one of seriousness or annoyance. She has on black glasses, a teal shirts, and black pants. She hair is down and looks maintained. While the girl is texting the worker behind the counter yells,

“Ice caramel Macchiato! Do you want wipe cream?”

“Yeah.” The brunette answers as she picks up her cheetah print bag and walks toward the counter, but the worker didn’t hear her and asks again.

“Do you want wiped cream?”

“Yeah.” The brunette states again. After she was handed her coffee she walks up stairs quietly.

jotting 6jotting 7jotting 8

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Post 3: Activity

When I first got to the student center, I used my card to swipe in. Then I sat my notebook and pencil down at a table and went to see what food was being served. I walked around the food area once inspecting the different options. Once I decided what I wanted I picked a plate and put a pastry and potatoes on it. After that I put ketchup on my plate and got a cup, which I put blue Gatorade in. Then I sat back down and began observing other people around me. I chatted with the students I was sitting with about the assignment for the day while I wrote down notes. I slowly ate my potatoes as I talked to the students at my table. After a few minutes I moved to a different table to sit by myself. I had picked the people I was going to observe so when I got up to move I picked a table closer to my subjects.

I felt a little strange observing other people, but we do it everyday unknowingly. I continued to jot down notes about my subjects. I tried to look like I was not staring at them. I did not want them to think I was rude. I jotted down two pages for each of the subjects I was observing. While I was taking notes, I finished my potatoes. I had to wipe my notes off because I dropped potatoes on my book. I looked around to see if anyone noticed my clumsiness.  Then I began to eat my pastry.

Once my pastry was gone I finished my notes and took my plate to the cleaning area. After that I left the student center.

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Post 3: Hair

Her hair looked like she had just rolled out of bed. There was a high possibility she had not washed it this morning. One side was completely straight, and the other had a bump at the top, possibly indicating that is the side she slept on. There was a chance that is was not bed hair, but a blow drying gone wrong. It looked disheveled, and frizzy. It did not looked tangled, but it did not exactly looked brushed either.

The woman’s hair was thin and dry. It looked brittle and not soft. It was not greasy looking, but it was not shiny either. A hair dresser would tell her she needed a deep condition. Her hair was definitely in need of hydration. It looked sad and in pain. If it was skin, I bet it would be itchy. The texture looked like it would feel like straw. Maybe too many years of using heat on her hair fried it. It looked unhealthy. It could have been chemically damaged instead of heat damaged.

It looked to be product free, no gel or even hair spray. Besides the bump, her hair was poker straight. The woman’s hair was shoulder length, and the ends turned inward toward her face and neck. Her hair was lanky. She had little hairs the stood up near her face, flyaways. Her cowlick was in the front. Her hair was parted showing her grey, almost white roots. It was clear that her hair was dyed, and it desperately needed to be redone. The dyed color was a bland, brown color. Nothing fancy or special. Just a plain light brown. Her hair had no shape or volume. It was flat and just hung there, limp and lifeless. It was stringy. She didn’t put it behind her ears so it fell into her face occasionally.

The woman’s hair looked the same everyday. She never did anything with it. Her hair cut was boring and common. There was no style, no interest. Her hair was the exact same length all the way around. There was not one hair longer than another.

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Post 1: Jottings

jottings 1jottings 2jottings 3jottings 4jotting 5note 1note 2jotting 8

There is a man and a woman sitting at a table. They both have a plate and a cup. There is a napkin on top of the man’s plate. However, the woman is still eating. They look to be having a serious conversation. At least the man has a serious look on his face. The woman keeps looking around as the man is speaking to her. He looks directly at her the whole they are talking. He is older than she is. He has grey hair that looks fuzzy and is balding. The man is wearing a black suit with black dress shoes. He has a button up under his suit jacket. He looks very formal. It matches his poster. He sits up straight, but rests his right arm on the empty chair next to him. Half of his body is sideways in the chair, but he faces the woman he is talking to. Throughout the conversation, the man picks up his empty glass and dumps the ice into his mouth. He does this two or three times. Then he holds the cup for a few minutes each time after he sets it back down. He bounces his right leg under the table a couple of different times. The looks to be his only “nervous tick.”

The woman on the other hand looks less put together. Her brown hair is in a sloppy bun with a thick headband on. It looks like she might not have washed her hair that morning. The woman is wearing a grey long sleeve shirt, black dress pants, and black flats. Her headband is also black, and she has her ears pierced. Her left ear is pierced twice and she has earrings in. She is also wearing a scarf that she uses to cover her mouth at one point in the conversation. The woman fidgets the whole time she and the man are talking. She bites her names, plays with the leftover food on her plate as well as her fingers. She seems to have a problem sitting completely still. She slouches and puts her elbows on the table. She and the man look to be opposites. The only thing visible that they have in common is their lack of color choice in clothes.

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Evocative Photos

Worry Stones

Worry Stones


Candles – Linvilla has the best candles. Most of them smell yummy like food. Every time I visit I have to buy one. Within 10 minutes of the candle burning the whole room smells.

Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants



Gardening Ornaments

Gardening Ornaments



Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples





Apple Cider

Apple Cider – Linvilla is famous for its Apple Cider. It is more popular around October or in the winter, but it is available all year.

Loaf Cakes

Loaf Cakes

Apple Cider Doughnuts

Apple Cider Donuts – These donuts are the most amazing donuts invented. Everyone I asked said that you cannot visit Linvilla without buying Apple Cider Donuts. You can never just eat one. They are like heaven in your mouth.

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