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There is a man and a woman sitting at a table. They both have a plate and a cup. There is a napkin on top of the man’s plate. However, the woman is still eating. They look to be having a serious conversation. At least the man has a serious look on his face. The woman keeps looking around as the man is speaking to her. He looks directly at her the whole they are talking. He is older than she is. He has grey hair that looks fuzzy and is balding. The man is wearing a black suit with black dress shoes. He has a button up under his suit jacket. He looks very formal. It matches his poster. He sits up straight, but rests his right arm on the empty chair next to him.¬†Half of his body is sideways in the chair, but he faces the woman he is talking to. Throughout the conversation, the man picks up his empty glass and dumps the ice into his mouth. He does this two or three times. Then he holds the cup for a few minutes each time after he sets it back down. He bounces his right leg under the table a couple of different times. The looks to be his only “nervous tick.”

The woman on the other hand looks less put together. Her brown hair is in a sloppy bun with a thick headband on. It looks like she might not have washed her hair that morning. The woman is wearing a grey long sleeve shirt, black dress pants, and black flats. Her headband is also black, and she has her ears pierced. Her left ear is pierced twice and she has earrings in. She is also wearing a scarf that she uses to cover her mouth at one point in the conversation. The woman fidgets the whole time she and the man are talking. She bites her names, plays with the leftover food on her plate as well as her fingers. She seems to have a problem sitting completely still. She slouches and puts her elbows on the table. She and the man look to be opposites. The only thing visible that they have in common is their lack of color choice in clothes.

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