Post 2: Scenes

The atrium has a decent amount of people for 9 AM, and it smells like brunt bagels. It is a big hot in the atrium, and all the lights are on like always. There are about 19 people; some studying, some talking with friends. Others standing in line waiting to order, and a few waiting to receive their orders. The atrium is mostly quiet, but one man who is wearing a Yarmulke. He is talking loudly to a student. The man could be a professor. He is dressed in black dress clothes and has a briefcase.

Most of the colorful, comfy chairs are empty. There are three girls sitting together. One of the girls is talking to the other two. She has her laptop in her lap. She appears to be upset or annoyed by the expression on her face.  She has dirty blonde hair, but it is clear by her dark brown roots that her hair is dyed. Her hair looks unclean like she did not shower that morning. It is in a sloppy ponytail, and strains are falling out. The girl is wearing black leggings, Vans, and a white shirt. She also has on a green coat. The other two girls sitting with her have green coats on too. The girl talking starts texting and ignores her friends while her phone is in her hands. The other two girls look around while talking.

The second girl gets up to throw something away. She also has a dirty blond ponytail. She is wearing workout clothes and green and blue sneakers. Her scarf tan scarf does not match the rest of her gym look. She takes a drink and continues to hold her cup. The liquid in the cup is clear. She is also texting.

The third girl has dirty blonde hair too, but it is much long than the other two. It is down and scrunched. It looks messy and disheveled.  Her dark brown roots are showing as well.

There is a brunette sitting to my right at one of the tables. She is glued to her phone, and sitting alone. She is sitting with one leg in the chair while she bounces the other. Her facial expression is one of seriousness or annoyance. She has on black glasses, a teal shirts, and black pants. She hair is down and looks maintained. While the girl is texting the worker behind the counter yells,

“Ice caramel Macchiato! Do you want wipe cream?”

“Yeah.” The brunette answers as she picks up her cheetah print bag and walks toward the counter, but the worker didn’t hear her and asks again.

“Do you want wiped cream?”

“Yeah.” The brunette states again. After she was handed her coffee she walks up stairs quietly.

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