Post 3: Activity

When I first got to the student center, I used my card to swipe in. Then I sat my notebook and pencil down at a table and went to see what food was being served. I walked around the food area once inspecting the different options. Once I decided what I wanted I picked a plate and put a pastry and potatoes on it. After that I put ketchup on my plate and got a cup, which I put blue Gatorade in. Then I sat back down and began observing other people around me. I chatted with the students I was sitting with about the assignment for the day while I wrote down notes. I slowly ate my potatoes as I talked to the students at my table. After a few minutes I moved to a different table to sit by myself. I had picked the people I was going to observe so when I got up to move I picked a table closer to my subjects.

I felt a little strange observing other people, but we do it everyday unknowingly. I continued to jot down notes about my subjects. I tried to look like I was not staring at them. I did not want them to think I was rude. I jotted down two pages for each of the subjects I was observing. While I was taking notes, I finished my potatoes. I had to wipe my notes off because I dropped potatoes on my book. I looked around to see if anyone noticed my clumsiness.  Then I began to eat my pastry.

Once my pastry was gone I finished my notes and took my plate to the cleaning area. After that I left the student center.

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