Interview Preparation

I had never given an interview before so I wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to do to prepare. I knew I needed a subject, but I had no idea what to ask my interviewee. At first, I had trouble finding someone to interview. I was supposed to video the interview, but people were not comfortable in front of a camera. So I decided to voice record the interview instead.

Once that was figured out finding a subject became a bit easier. I also had the assistance of a very helpful women who works at Linvilla Orchards, Jessica. She helped me find my subject to interview. I told Jessica that I needed to sit down with an employee at Linvilla and ask them to explain to me how they saw themselves. I had determined my only interview question would be “who is ____?” (insert interviewees name). In my class, we had done research on Oral History, and in the sample interviews we watched this was really the only planned question asked. I liked the idea of just letting my subject tell me whatever he/she felt comfortable sharing.

I tried to think of other questions, but I thought as the interview went on I might think of questions to ask.  I had not meet my subject before the interview so I decided to wing it; however,  Jessica had told me, “I asked the farmer if you could interview him.” She had also told me his name was Norm. So I knew my subject was male and a farmer that worked at Linvilla Orchards.

I called Jessica the day before to make sure it was still okay for me to come out and interview Norm. Once she said yes, I made sure I had my field notebook and my charger for my phone, and that is about all the prep work I did.

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