Interview Reflection

The interview was super different than I expect it would be. I expected it to be formal because I had never conducted an interview before. However, it was just like having a conversation. The only difference was the conversation was recorded.

I learned a lot about Linvilla Orchards, the family that owns it, and their history. I also learned about the interviewee, Norman Schultz. He is the farm manager at Linvilla Orchards and was my subject for the interview. We started the interview different than I had planned, but it worked out because as I stated I learned about the Linvill family and not just Norman’s oral history.

After the interview, I hope to break the two stories up to create two audio pieces for my overall story. One piece as Norman Schultz’s oral history and the other a “Linvilla History” piece.

Overall the interview was successful. We completed it outside so it had a lovely soundtrack in the background of the birds. This was a plus. However, I probably should have been more organized in my questions and what information I wanted to know.

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