Proposal: Linvilla Orchards

I have lived near Linvilla Orchards for 11 years, and never once thought to look into its history. Linvilla is a new topic for me, and I am very excited to investigate it. I have been many times. It is a beautiful place to visit, and they always have things to buy at their farmers market. I am interested in Linvilla because it is holiday orientated, but I’ve never been in the off season. I would like to find out what they do to stay busy during the months when they are not picking fruit or selling pumpkins or Christmas trees.

Linvilla Orchards is not school or family related,  but I hope to walk away with some new acquaintances. Researching Linvilla should be a challenge since I’ve never looked into it before. However, I expect to learn a ton of interesting information that I will present in photographs, audio recordings, alphabetic text, and in video. My goal is to become an expert about Linvilla Orchards. It will be fun to interview some of the workers, and maybe I will even be able to take videos of them baking their amazing cookies.

Linvilla Orchards is located in Media, PA, the suburbs of Philadelphia. It is a local place with a large community. The orchard caters to all ages. It has a website and a twitter page. You should check them out.

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