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Mode of Choice

For my trans-media story on Linvilla Orchards we were asked to create our own mode of choice. I decided to create a flyer or post card. The picture with the red title is the front while the picture with the … Continue reading

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Interview Reflection

The interview was super different than I expect it would be. I expected it to be formal because I had never conducted an interview before. However, it was just like having a conversation. The only difference was the conversation was … Continue reading

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Alphabetic Text Story: Linvilla Orchards

Linvilla Orchards has always been a family place. In 1914, the land was purchased by Author Linvill and his mother Lydia. When the time came it was passed down to Paul Linvill, Author Linvill’s son. In 1987, Paul Linvill passed … Continue reading

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Interview Preparation

I had never given an interview before so I wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to do to prepare. I knew I needed a subject, but I had no idea what to ask my interviewee. At first, I had … Continue reading

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Proposal: Linvilla Orchards

I have lived near Linvilla Orchards for 11 years, and never once thought to look into its history. Linvilla is a new topic for me, and I am very excited to investigate it. I have been many times. It is … Continue reading

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