Website Sketches

Sketch up close

The Gallery page will have a few pictures and titles underneath stating the category of each folder. Under each title will have the number of pictures in each folder. When you clink of each picture it will take you into the gallery.

sketch design

The front page will have my name and the title of the page on the left hand side while the tabs on the right side will link to my photo gallery, about me page, blog, and contact information. There will be a scroll of a few pictures under the header. The photo will slowly fade into each other.

Emotions and Features

I want people to think my website is friendly and easy to navigate. I hope to make it clear the way I feel about my photography, the pride I put into my work.


My favorite color is blue so I know I want to use it for my website. These are the colors I am thinking about for my website, orange, blue, green, and grey. According to Jerry Coa each color promotes different feelings. He states that “oranges promotes friendliness, energy, and uniqueness, while blue promotes calm, safety, openness (lighter shades), and reliability (darker shades).” I want people to think my website is friendly and calming.

Sketches of what I want my website to look like. The sketches are a bit hard to follow, but it is a start.

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